Mango Doughnuts

I made mango and vanilla doughnuts. If you read the title, that should have been plenty obvious. If you’re just skimming, I also provided a decently large photo of a mango doughnut, for convenience, under this paragraph. Okay, ready to move on from this awful introduction? Oozing mango vanilla doughnuts are exceptionally tasty, light, and fluffy! Click to get the recipe. I rolled warm, pillowy balls of fried dough in homemade vanilla sugar and stuffed them full of luscious mango curd. Yum.

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Mango Strawberry Pavlova

Most, if not all, of the blog posts I’ve read about pavlovas begin by mentioning that the origin of the dessert is fiercely debated. Some argue that the pavlova is a purely Australian dessert, named after visiting Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, while others argue it originated in New Zealand.

Mango, strawberry, and passion fruit pavlova with a mint syrup and white chocolate decoration. Don't you just want to take a bite? Stop dreaming! Click to get the recipe.

I have found that the former is the generally agreed upon introduction to a post about pavlova. I hope it caught your attention like you never imagined a post about pavlova could.

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Tutorial: Opening A Coconut

If you’re looking for the tutorial on how to open coconuts, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The last week had a lot to do with escalators. I’m currently in Coronado, a part of Panama, for my winter break. While browsing the Internet I came across a video that is allegedly of people trying an escalator for the first time. At first I found it kind of funny, but then I tried to understand how what I saw was possible. I mean it’s not that hard to ride an escalator, I think.

Coconuts on the Panamanian grass

I thought of two different reasons: the handrail couldn’t support much mass and the handrail was moving at a different speed than the steps. If you watch the video carefully you can see that the passengers only start to fall when they grab onto the handrail. You can also see that the handrail moves slower than the steps so the people fall backwards.

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