Mango Strawberry Pavlova

Most, if not all, of the blog posts I’ve read about pavlovas begin by mentioning that the origin of the dessert is fiercely debated. Some argue that the pavlova is a purely Australian dessert, named after visiting Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, while others argue it originated in New Zealand.

Mango, strawberry, and passion fruit pavlova with a mint syrup and white chocolate decoration. Don't you just want to take a bite? Stop dreaming! Click to get the recipe.

I have found that the former is the generally agreed upon introduction to a post about pavlova. I hope it caught your attention like you never imagined a post about pavlova could.

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Mogador Macarons

I’ve made countless batches of macarons over the last month, experimenting with all sorts of flavours. These, the Mogador macaron by Pierre Hermé, are one of my favourite flavours.

Passion fruit & milk chocolate French macarons on a plate... but wouldn't they be better in your mouth? Click to get the recipe!

The egg shell thick shell gives way to a pillowy almond meringue and a decadent, floral passion fruit-milk chocolate ganache. The acidity of the passion fruit balanced the sweetness of the milk chocolate nicely. They were totally worth risking my life for. Consume more content

Passion Fruit Crème Caramel

I’m part of the science club at my school and a few days ago we went to Guelph University for a science competition.

Passion fruit crème caramel with strawberries and a Chinese lantern fruit

In one of the events that I was signed up for, contestants had to assemble a human foot using “clone bones” with the help of a diagram. Thirty or so bones were laid out in front of each team on a blue mat. My team was competing against three other teams. A few minutes before we began one of the volunteer supervisors asked everyone to put their phones in their pockets.

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