Carrot Cake

Sugar used to be really expensive so people used carrots instead. That’s how carrot cake came to be. Someone couldn’t afford sugar, so they put carrots into their cake. Seems counter-intuitive now, but back then it was perfectly logical.

Carrot cake with pineapple chunks and raisins, coated in cream cheese frosting. Folks, this is the BEST CARROT CAKE EVER. Click for the recipe!

Turns out that carrot cake is one of the unhealthiest cakes you could eat, even though it’s full of carrots. With all the oil, butter, cream cheese, and sugar (yeah.. this is a modern recipe), it’s pretty bad for you. It’s really tasty, but really unhealthy. It’s a once in a decade type of treat.

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Mango-Chocolate-Coconut Cake

Every spring my mother goes to the store and buys pretty much a crate full of mangoes from a tropical fruit store in Toronto. As soon as she gets home I run to the car, get the box, and feast on the juicy yellow flesh. So sweet, so good.

Coconut-mango chocolate cake with a lemon glaze

When I was in Panama two years ago I went to visit this fabulous tropical fruit market and saw piles of juicy, colourful fruits that I never saw before. There were guanabanas, prickly pears, and jackfruits! Sure, it was nice looking at them in the market (and it was quite fun buying them while sipping on sugar cane juice I saw squeezed before my eyes) but when I got back to the apartment I was perplexed on how to eat them. Eventually, I figured it out but I was hungry for more. I wandered to a convenience store and bought two coconuts (I wish Canadian convenience stores sold coconuts!), which both looked different.

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