Chocolate Blackout Cake

More than two years have passed since my last post. Time sure does fly! Since then, I’ve launched a few different start-up projects, completed my undergraduate degree, and rode around on a Segway in fairly questionable settings.

Chocolate cake with chocolate-cream cheese frosting rolled in chocolate chips and drizzled with white chocolate.

I was confident even as recently as a couple of weeks ago that I wouldn’t share another recipe on IronWhisk. Other projects were taking up all of my time, and ending IronWhisk with precisely one hundred recipes was an appealing idea.

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Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake

Everyone should have a quick, simple recipe that can impress a crowd. You don’t always have enough time to make a bamboo cake, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocrity. You shouldn’t have to settle at all, frankly.

Cinnamon swirl coffee cake with cream cheese icing and pecans. The MOST AMAZING coffee cake ever! Click to get the recipe.

This cinnamon swirl coffee cake hits the spot and bakes up in under an hour. It’s perfect for when you’re in a rush but aren’t willing to compromise on flavour. Really simple, but also jaw-dropping good.

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Carrot Cake

Sugar used to be really expensive so people used carrots instead. That’s how carrot cake came to be. Someone couldn’t afford sugar, so they put carrots into their cake. Seems counter-intuitive now, but back then it was perfectly logical.

Carrot cake with pineapple chunks and raisins, coated in cream cheese frosting. Folks, this is the BEST CARROT CAKE EVER. Click for the recipe!

Turns out that carrot cake is one of the unhealthiest cakes you could eat, even though it’s full of carrots. With all the oil, butter, cream cheese, and sugar (yeah.. this is a modern recipe), it’s pretty bad for you. It’s really tasty, but really unhealthy. It’s a once in a decade type of treat.

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