Pistachio Macarons & “Macaron Myths”

Hi, it’s me. You might remember me (Ilan), you might not. It’s been a while… seems like forever, really. But I’m back!

Pistachio macarons with pistachio buttercream recipe + cracking down on macaron myths: what's true and what's not?

Well, I’ve never actually been gone (from Twitter, at least). I’ve been spending the time working on a new project that I briefly discussed in my last post, and which I’ll talk more about in a future post. With all the time that I’ve been investing in it, there hasn’t been much left for IronWhisk. But now I’ve finished my first year of university! That means I have all summer to share lots of great food with you. First up though, I want to talk about “macaron myths”.

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Mogador Macarons

I’ve made countless batches of macarons over the last month, experimenting with all sorts of flavours. These, the Mogador macaron by Pierre Hermé, are one of my favourite flavours.

Passion fruit & milk chocolate French macarons on a plate... but wouldn't they be better in your mouth? Click to get the recipe!

The egg shell thick shell gives way to a pillowy almond meringue and a decadent, floral passion fruit-milk chocolate ganache. The acidity of the passion fruit balanced the sweetness of the milk chocolate nicely. They were totally worth risking my life for. Consume more content