Buttermilk Beignets

The French brought beignets to Louisiana in the 18th century and since then they have become commonplace there. In 1986, the state of Louisiana even declared these puffy, wondrous delights the official state doughnut.

Buttermilk beignets dusted with icing sugar. Don't you just want a bite? They're super simple to make, and if you click to get the recipe you can eat 'em tonight!

Beignets can be easily found in the area, but the most popular place to snack on this originally Acadian treat is at Café du Monde. The beignets there, which are served in a plate covered with a mountain of icing sugar, are truly special. That, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t make them at home. You’re pretty special yourself.

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Banana-Caramel Doughnuts

A few weeks ago K posted on my Facebook wall: “ILAN. CALL ME. QUICKLY.” This was pretty strange since I hadn’t spoken to K for months, since I moved to Toronto and switched high schools. Wondering what was so important, and sudden, I ran around searching for my cellphone. Once I finally found it, hidden under my pillow and connected to a tangled wire, I dialed K’s phone number and listened anxiously to the tones. “Hi Ilan,” she said calmly.

Banana-caramel yeast donuts

K told me that one of her family’s friends, Emanuela, was the host of a cooking show called Home Cookin’ (also known as Home Cooking) on Rogers Television (that’s a Canadian television station) and she showed her my blog. As I listened I wondered where the conversation was going. No, really, I had no idea where the conversation was going. I soon found out that Emanuela talked to her co-producer and they wanted me on the show!

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