Banana Cream Tart

A couple of months back I went on a trip to California and discovered the magical banana cream pie at Coco’s Bakery. I’ve had fancier versions before (Tartine Bakery’s creation comes to mind), but Coco’s no-nonsense dessert reigns supreme.

Banana cream tart with edible flowers and pecans

In it, velvety custard and fresh bananas are stuffed into a buttery crust and topped with whipped cream and toasted walnuts. Delicious! I set out on a quest to duplicate Coco’s creation.

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Caramelized Banana Soufflé

Soufflés are fun. They’re quick to make and are incredibly pretty when taken out of the oven. But then they deflate and disappoint you. So, if you like disappointment, soufflés are fun!

Craving something delicious? This recipe for EASY banana soufflé dusted with icing sugar and served with crunchy caramelized bananas is perfect! Click to get the recipe.

The thing with soufflés is that they are incredibly difficult to photograph. You’ve got less than two minutes from the time you take them out of the oven until they deflate. That’s why the soufflé in the photo isn’t very tall. When I first took it out of the oven, it was a couple of inches above the rim of the ramekin.

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B-Caraibe Cake

Lately, I have become fascinated with Japanese entremets. I have learned how to spell “entremet”, pronounce [on-TRAH-may], and most importantly make an entremet. I also know how to eat an entremet, but that was a skill I honed long before I made this marvellously refreshing recipe by Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino.

B-Caraibe cake with hazelnut-almond joconde, chocolate-orange chantilly cream, banana cream, and vanilla chantilly. EASIER to make than it looks. Click to get the recipe!

Sugino rightfully has a cult following in Japan (and – ahem – in Toronto). His desserts are incredibly artistic and his flavour combinations are exquisite. Sugino only uses enough sugar in his creations to accentuate his delicate flavour combinations. Even dark chocolate proves to be light in his recipes. Consume more content