Mallow Cookies

Mallow cookies are shortbread cookies topped with marshmallow cream and dipped in chocolate. They’re also called mallowmares – and this is the homemade version. This is part of my collection of at-home copycats, like cheddar bay biscuits, funnel cake, and the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

Mallows: snickerdoodle cookies topped with fresh marshmallows and dipped in dark chocolate

I probably ate about a dozen of these while watching the opening ceremonies earlier this week. I make a pretty big deal out of the Olympics whenever they’re on. Ever since I can remember (which actually isn’t that far) I’ve watched the Olympics. It’s pretty neat to see hundreds of countries join together to celebrate sport. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of physical activity (instead opting for sleeping) it’s still amazing to watch other people, who are so good at what they do, do it. Especially interesting are the shot-putters, like Canadian Dylan Armstrong. it amazes me how they’re able to spin so quickly, with such grace, to throw a metal ball. I’ve tried that. It’s not easy. In elementary school they made us do “shot-put” with a tennis ball and then a real shot-put ball. Those balls are heavy. It just amazes me what years of training can do. It almost makes me want to be an Olympian.

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