Pistachio Macarons & “Macaron Myths”

Hi, it’s me. You might remember me (Ilan), you might not. It’s been a while… seems like forever, really. But I’m back!

Pistachio macarons with pistachio buttercream recipe + cracking down on macaron myths: what's true and what's not?

Well, I’ve never actually been gone (from Twitter, at least). I’ve been spending the time working on a new project that I briefly discussed in my last post, and which I’ll talk more about in a future post. With all the time that I’ve been investing in it, there hasn’t been much left for IronWhisk. But now I’ve finished my first year of university! That means I have all summer to share lots of great food with you. First up though, I want to talk about “macaron myths”.

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Ispahan Croissants

A couple of days ago I flew from Toronto to San Francisco! My brother promised to take me to Chile once I had graduated high school (this was a promise he made six years ago), but I recently decided to switch destinations to the land of sourdough bread.

Regular croissants are boring. Try making these instead, with a raspberry and lychee filling. Here, I'm sprinkling freeze dried raspberries over the Ispahan croissants. Click for the recipe!

Before I left, I made these amazing Ispahan croissants, which were inspired by Pierre Hermé’s croissants of the same name. Inside these croissants is homemade rose-scented almond paste and a delightful raspberry-lychee gelée. These are also glazed with rose icing and crunchy freeze-dried raspberries. The Ispahan croissants are totally amazing and surprisingly not much more difficult to make than regular croissants!

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