Strawberry Shortcake

Oh physics, why must you exist? You make my life so difficult. I spend hours solving the questions that you throw at me only for the satisfaction of getting the right (or usually wrong) answer at the back of the book. My life would be so much easier without you.

Strawberry shortcake

And then, in class, I stare at the board blankly and wonder how you could be true, and not simply a lie that my teacher tells. Endless pages of notes, endless pages of calculations, endless pages of pure agony.

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International Apple Pie

I’m a Canadian. I live in North America. It’s not always cold here (it is usually cold here). I don’t play hockey. I don’t own a pet beaver. I don’t have a maple tree in my backyard (there is one in my front yard). It doesn’t always snow here (although it’s starting to hail right now). I don’t own a toque.  I don’t live in an igloo. I don’t ride polar bears to school (that’s only in Manitoba). You understand now, eh? I am a Canadian.

Cinnamon apple pie with a Bailey's caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, and maple syrup caramel.

It sure is cold outside right now though. The hail is starting to cover the grass and the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Soon, as all Canadians know, the fields of green will become fields of white. Snowmen will be built, slush will be on the roads, and cocoa will be made. Canadians all over will step out of their homes to go to work and shiver. Yes, we shiver in the cold. We’re Canadians, but we’re still human.

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