Basil-Peach Cobbler

I’ve got this thing against apple pie. All pies, for that matter. It just seems strange to see photographs of perfect slices of pie. If the crust was truly flaky and perfect it wouldn’t look like that. I’m sorry, but it just wouldn’t. A perfect slice of pie falls apart as soon as it’s taken out of the pan. People need to realize that just because a dessert isn’t presented in neat slices doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. It’s the same thing with cobblers. This cobbler? Delicious.

Digging into rosemary-peach cobbler with a dash of whiskey

Here’s the thing with cobbler: it can be ridiculously simple to make and taste great. What sets cobblers apart though are the extra steps you can take to make them amazing. Sweet, juicy, and ripe summer peaches that drip down your chin are enticing for making peach cobbler but they should be avoided. That’s right – do not use them! While great for eating out of hand, overly juicy peaches actually lead to a mushy peach cobbler that doesn’t have slices of peaches, but peach mush. You shouldn’t have to settle for mush, even if it’s peach mush. Actually, peach mush doesn’t so bad…

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Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is one of my favourite carnival treats. Funnel cake is made with either pancake batter, or choux paste, poured through a funnel into hot oil. That’s why it’s called funnel cake. It’s not because it’s funnel-flavoured. While using pancake batter is definitely quicker, and far more efficient if you run a restaurant (you could make pancakes, waffles, and funnel cakes all from the same batter) choux paste is the tastier alternative that results in a fluffier and lighter funnel cake. While choux paste can be a bit harder to make, if you’re looking for a gourmet carnival treat, it’s the way to go. If you’re looking for a less delicious option, feel free to use pancake batter.

Fresh, homemade funnel cake with strawberries and icing sugar, just like at the carnival! Want a bite? The recipe is super simple! Click to get it.

I’m a big fan of funnel cake. Whenever I go to the local amusement park (which also happens to be the largest in Canada) I always spend time standing behind a glass wall that lets park visitors see how the funnel cakes are made. First, the batter is cooked in hot oil until it turns golden brown. Then, the funnel cake is dusted with icing sugar, topped with strawberries, and served with soft-serve ice cream. I’ve stood behind that window countless times. Well, not countless, but let’s just say I didn’t count.

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Caramel Popcorn

A few years ago in drama class we were learning about mime and physical communication (how your stance or where your arms are relates to your mood). Part of our assignment included a class trip to the cafeteria to watch people eat. Yes, seriously. We had to blend in with everyone else and take notes on how people ate. Watching three 16 year-olds eat a poutine together without utensils, gravy all of their faces, is a ton of fun!

Vanilla-caramel popcorn

One of my favourite places to go is to the zoo, except I don’t go to watch the animals. Instead, I watch people watch the animals. I watch the faces they make to the animals and their expressions as they make a quick sweep of their surroundings to make sure no one’s watching before throwing a piece of bread to the peacocks. Have you ever gone people-watching before? It’s a ton of fun to see people imitate animals, fight over a cone of ice-cream, or soak each other with water guns.

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