Basil-Peach Cobbler

I’ve got this thing against apple pie. All pies, for that matter. It just seems strange to see photographs of perfect slices of pie. If the crust was truly flaky and perfect it wouldn’t look like that. I’m sorry, but it just wouldn’t. A perfect slice of pie falls apart as soon as it’s taken out of the pan. People need to realize that just because a dessert isn’t presented in neat slices doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. It’s the same thing with cobblers. This cobbler? Delicious.

Digging into rosemary-peach cobbler with a dash of whiskey

Here’s the thing with cobbler: it can be ridiculously simple to make and taste great. What sets cobblers apart though are the extra steps you can take to make them amazing. Sweet, juicy, and ripe summer peaches that drip down your chin are enticing for making peach cobbler but they should be avoided. That’s right – do not use them! While great for eating out of hand, overly juicy peaches actually lead to a mushy peach cobbler that doesn’t have slices of peaches, but peach mush. You shouldn’t have to settle for mush, even if it’s peach mush. Actually, peach mush doesn’t so bad…

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