Tutorial: Pre-Sliced Bananas

This year April Fool’s falls on a Sunday. When I realized that, my eyes lit up and I began to plan practical jokes to play on my brother R. I thought about doing this or this.. but no. I wanted to do something new.

A pre-sliced banana defying gravityI decided to make a banana that seemed normal from the outside, but once peeled fell apart into individual slices.

You just need three things to pull this off: a banana, a needle, and some thread.

Threading a needle with black threadAfter threading a piece of thread through a sanitized needle (sanitized in vinegar, boiling water, or soap – but not rubbing alcohol since it’s poisonous) poke the needle through the skin of the banana in one of the banana’s “edges”. Try to not go too deep into the fruit – just get the needle under the skin.

Sewing a banana to pre-slice itPush the needle under the peel to the next edge of the banana. Push it through the peel. Take the needle and push it back into the hole you just made and under the peel to the next edge. Continue doing this until you get back to where you started. At this point pull on the thread towards yourself so that it slices through the banana.

A pre-sliced bananaContinue doing this down the banana to make as many slices as you’d like. By sticking to poking the needle through only the darks spots of the peel, a better final result is achieved. Now just give the banana to a friend (or enemy) and prepare to see the shocked expression on their face as they try to figure out what happened.

P.S. From which end do you peel your bananas?

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4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Pre-Sliced Bananas

  1. i peel my bananas from the bottom! my great white buffalo told me thats how monkeys peel their bananas..and a million monkeys cant be wrong. and ive been peeling my bananas like this since 2006..funny junk. [:

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