Tutorial: Doctor Who TARDIS Cake

The BBC television show Doctor Who follows The Doctor and his companion as they travel through time and space saving alien civilizations and often the Earth. The Doctor himself is an alien from the planet Gallifrey who travels in a time machine disguised as a police public call box from mid-20th century London.

Handpainted Doctor Who TARDIS chocolate cake--click to see the full photo tutorial so YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN #DOCTORWHO TARDIS CAKE! #diy

The time machine, called a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), is easily recognized by any Doctor Who fan. In order to celebrate my brother R’s birthday, and the upcoming 50th year anniversary of one of my favourite television shows, I decided to bake a TARDIS cake. I built a time machine out of cake.

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Raspberry Éclairs

Behind a beige desk, on a green metal chair connected securely to the desk by a thick piece of metal, is my spot. Every day, very carefully, I must climb over the bar to sit in my spot – a spot that must be fought for daily. If I stop in the hall to tie my shoe, I lose the spot and am banished to the back of the room. Law class is so argumentative that there are even arguments about seating. We are so loud that we close the door to the hallway to keep the hallway quiet.

Raspberry éclair with pink fondant and fresh fruit

M stood up to close the wooden door that separated our dystopia from the hallway. My phone began to ring. Usually, it just vibrates. But this time it rang, and quite loudly too. I had to take it out of my pocket to turn it off – I could not wait for it to simply finish ringing. That was a challenge though because of the desk design. The only way I could take my phone out was if I got up from my desk. I slid out the left side and placed my hand into my pocket, grabbing the ringing phone. I flipped it over to read the caller ID as I was turning it off. It was an important call that I couldn’t miss.

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Chocolate Bamboo Cake

All my friends are getting their driver’s licenses. I’m not. You could say that I’m a rebel of sorts. I’m a bit strange like that… although a lot of my friends are rushing to do their driving tests I stay at home sleeping, baking, eating. You know, living.

Chocolate bamboo cake

My parents though are pushing me to start the process of getting a driver’s license (here, in Ontario, there is a graduated licensing program). Why would anyone want to drive though when they can get chauffeured?

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