Lemon Tartlets

These lemon tartlets are light and refreshing, yet contain over a pound and a half of butter. I was quite impressed that I was able to fit so much butter into such a seemingly light dessert. Less impressive, however, was the plate that I was able to smash to pieces while making these.

Lemon tart with sweet and crumbly pâte sucrée, white chocolate ganache, lemon cream, and candied lemon. Simply amazing, and EASY! Click to get the recipe.

I had grabbed some butter out of the freezer and placed it on a flowery porcelain plate.  I use the flowery porcelain plates since I can just throw them in the dishwasher, unlike most bowls. Also, they’re flowery.  That is a big plus.

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Salted Caramels

For a while I couldn’t understand why people put salt on sweets. I was confident that dessert was meant to be sweet, and salt would just ruin the luxurious, tooth-decaying experience.

Homemade salted caramels. Make your own--click to get the recipe!

I was wrong. Salt is able to offset the sweetness of desserts while also giving them a kick. Salt can really turn up the flavour. In fact, salt can actually help make your teeth decay faster! Salt really does make sweet desserts better. Especially desserts made almost completely our of sugar, like caramel.

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Homemade Mars Bars

There is only one thing worse than making candy without a candy thermometer. (Alright, more than one, but bear with me.) It’s making candy with a poorly calibrated candy thermometer.  When you make candy without a thermometer, you know that your caramel might not come out right. You know there is a risk.

Homemade Mars bars with chewy caramel and chocolate nougat. Make your own! Click for the recipe.

When your thermometer isn’t accurate, you’re positive that everything is going to be fine and then it isn’t. You have hope, and then that hope is crushed. First candy, then your dreams.

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