Homemade Mars Bars

There is only one thing worse than making candy without a candy thermometer. (Alright, more than one, but bear with me.) It’s making candy with a poorly calibrated candy thermometer.  When you make candy without a thermometer, you know that your caramel might not come out right. You know there is a risk.

Homemade Mars bars with chewy caramel and chocolate nougat. Make your own! Click for the recipe.

When your thermometer isn’t accurate, you’re positive that everything is going to be fine and then it isn’t. You have hope, and then that hope is crushed. First candy, then your dreams.

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Candy Apples

I’m really excited. This Tuesday, October 23rd, is this blog’s one year anniversary. I think so at least. Yeah, I’m not really sure. Instead of opening the blog with one post, like most bloggers do, I thought it would be a good idea to already have some posts on the site before the big unveil. So, I opened IronWhisk with five posts on it already. I played around with the dates so they didn’t all seem to be written on the same day.

Candy apple with a branch

I ended up with about a month of content before I even told anyone about the website. While that appeared to be a good idea at the time, I now realize that it was a pretty bad one. I don’t know when I baked the first post. I don’t know when I wrote the first post. I don’t know when I published the first post. All I know is when I first told someone about the site. That was on October 23rd, 2011. So that’s what I’m celebrating. Not the first post but the great unveil.

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