Plum Danishes

This morning I woke up and wanted cherry danishes but it was too cold outside for me to consider the journey to the bakery. I would’ve made cherry danishes, but I had no cherries. So I made plum danishes. They were really good.

No, but seriously, they were really good.

Finished vanilla-plum danishes dusted with icing sugar

I have an urge for danishes pretty often but eat danishes quite rarely. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. Probably because laminated dough is scary (edit: apparently not anymore). For those who are new to laminated dough, it’s basically dough with lots of layers like puff pastry, and it’s supposed to be hard to make. Most food blogs around the internet these days will tell you it’s easy to make laminated dough. “It’s easy,” they say (while laughing manically behind their computer screens), “you should try it.”

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