Maple Mille Feuille

For a while, whenever anyone asked me what I blogged about, I would explain that I was a Canadian food blogger who cooked everything with a lot of maple syrup. It was supposed to be a joke (a bad one, but still).

Maple mille feuille with homemade puff pastry, maple pastry cream, and whipped cream. Make your own--click to get the recipe!

Some people thought I was serious though and became confused when they saw that not all of my recipes had maple syrup in them. I ended up taking down any maple syrup references a few weeks ago.

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Pecan Linzer Cookies

I made cookies. That can be exceptionally difficult without cookie cutters. I was able to make doughnuts without a doughnut cutter, but making cookies without cookie cutters is much more difficult. Especially if they’re cut-out cookies and you don’t want to settle for circles (or strangely shaped ellipses).

Pecan linzer cookies with a raspberry filling. Click to make your own!

I tried making cookie cutters out of tinfoil before but it’s a pain. I decided I would ask around if anyone had any cookie cutters I could borrow in exchange for, well, cookies. I amassed a collection of cookie cutters overnight and now owe about a dozen cookies to different people.

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Vanilla Doughnuts

Whether your week has been good or bad so far I think I can make it better. About two weeks ago Quirk Books sent me a copy of Shauna Sever’s new cookbook – Pure Vanilla. A book about baking with vanilla, obviously. I was also able to get a copy to give away to one of you guys!

A stack of vanilla doughnuts. Click to get the AMAZING recipe so you can make them yourself at home.

The book is seriously awesome. Not just because it has so many delicious looking photos but also because of Shauna’s amusing introductions to each recipe.

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