Orange-Buttermilk Lace Pancakes

During my spring break I flew across the Atlantic to visit my family. My brother, R, and I ended up sleeping in the same room. He slept on a twin bed, and I slept on the ground. I was alright with that though since the flying cockroaches usually attacked from above.

I turned under the sheets, trying to fall asleep when I began to hear a loud, harsh noise.

At first I thought an animal was making that noise – a flying cockroach, perhaps. It seemed though to be coming from R’s direction, but why would R randomly make strange noises in the night?

Pouring pancake batter into a squeeze bottle (left) and greasing the griddle (right)Then I realized that R was snoring. I grabbed my cellphone, turned on the flashlight application, and directed a white light into his eyes.

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