Crab Mashed Potatoes

In 2003, Alberta (which is a province in Canada, which is part of North America) had a mad cow disease scare. If you don’t know what mad cow disease is, it’s a neurological disease that you get from eating tainted beef. Symptoms include insomnia, depression, personality and death. And, being eight, I was scared. Really scared.

Orange-garlic chicken with crab mashed potatoes, blanched asparagus, and red wine reduction

My mother banned all beef from the house during that time. People were scared and she didn’t want any of us to get sick.

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Orange Chicken

Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t use dollars, Euros, yen, or pesos any more? Instead, we could use oranges. You would go buy a car with, say, 800 oranges. You would bring them in a wheelbarrow, or you could bring some oranges in juice form. If you were out camping you wouldn’t have to catch your dinner, you could eat some cash! It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it.

Sweet and sour orange chicken with green peppers, rice, and orange zest.

Wallets would have to be altered though. Most wallets can’t hold multiple oranges so they would have to be changed into knapsacks. This means an entirely new market. This idea also means that people will get more exercise because they’d be carrying around more weight. It also promotes healthy eating.

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