Strawberry Coconut Panna Cotta

One of my teachers has a red and white striped shirt, which he wears about once every two weeks with jeans, that makes him look exactly like Waldo. I’m not even kidding. Every time I see him wearing the shirt I start laughing so hard and everyone else in the class just stares. He’s grown accustomed to it (and told me he anticipates it when he puts it on).

Strawberry coconut panna cotta

The other day he told me that he put on the shirt specifically for me because it would make me laugh. Whenever I walk into math class and he’s wearing the shirt my eyes light up. That shirt always cheers me up. I asked him today if during the exam he could refrain from wearing the shirt because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

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Chicken Parmesan with Grilled Polenta

Chicken parmesan is my favourite chicken dish and I think that everyone should have it at least three times a day. Crispy chicken smothered in tomato sauce and cheese is a definite win. In fact, one of my friends decided not to become a vegetarian because of this recipe. When you add grilled polenta it becomes even better! This time I also added a mixed green salad to offset the richness of the chicken.

Finished chicken parmesan with polenta and a mixed-green salad

The recipe is relatively simple and involves pounding chicken breasts, dredging them in flour, dipping them in an egg wash, and then in breadcrumbs.

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