Hazelnut Chocolate French Macarons

Are you looking for a step by step tutorial for making French macarons? You should check my tutorial out then!

About a year ago I decided I wanted to get a part-time job at a bakery and began to search Craigslist for an opportunity.

Chocolate and hazelnut french macaronsI came across a top Toronto French bakery and chocolatier that made bright and colourful French macarons and chocolate truffles with exciting and intricate designs. The brilliant designs were simply shells though for lush creams, ganaches, and liqueurs.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

The world became a better place when hazelnuts met cocoa powder. It became better when hazelnut paste was mixed with cocoa and poured into a jar. It became better when jars of Nutella became bigger, a “bulk” size if you will. In reality though, it’s only a single portion. Nutella is not just a spread. It’s not just refined deliciousness. It’s magic. It can be eaten with a spoon, a fork, or with a finger. It can be eaten with bread, in a tart, or in a frosting. It is the definition of midnight snacking; it is bliss.

Chocolate-hazelnut sponge torte with praline chocolate crunch, nut ganache, and a hazelnut mousse.

How then can one function, or even survive when their Nutella supplies are depleted? How can one not break into tears when only grams of the chocolate-hazelnut spread are left? After all, I would climb a mountain for another jar of the delicious spread. Ferro Rocher is even filled with Nutella, as they’re made from the same company, and they’re delicious as well.

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